Thursday, May 31, 2012

Gentleman, Keep Your Collars Up!

Tom Ford with perfectly upstanding collars 

My occasions to wear neck ties are getting fewer and fewer but I like to wear a sport jacket practically every day. For years I struggled with the embarrassment of limp shirt collars that would slide down and hide under my jacket lapel. Sure, I would use plastic collar stays, but it seemed like I was constantly adjusting the collars and they never looked quite as good as Tom Ford's do (see above)...Until one day, a customer, and fellow clothing aficionado, introduced me to the "Wurkin Stiffs Power Stays". This product is so simple and works so well that once you've tried it, it will compel you to share it with others. The idea is simple; just slip the metal collar stays into your collar, then place the small magnet inside the shirt , locking it onto the collar stay. Voila! Your collars stand up firm and crisp! 

Since my first set was given to me, I have decided to continue to pay it forward: I'll give a pair of Power Stays to anyone who orders a set of three custom shirts or one custom suit during the month of June. To make this deal even sweeter, Wurkin Stiffs will donate % of all orders placed in June to the Zero Cancer Campaign. With this incentive, also consider a gift certificate for a custom shirt from Valentino Tailors along with a pair of Wurkin Stiffs for a great Father's Day gift! Check out their facebook page for more details! Everyone wins, just don't forget to remove them before you send your shirts to the cleaners! 

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