Saturday, September 25, 2010

Honing Your Personal Style

My favorite customers are always the ones who know what they want before they come in, but what if you don't know exactly what you want? I'm always happy to offer my opinion, but do I really know what you want? Choosing and honing your style is not easy, but it doesn't have to be difficult either. Here's a few ideas to make it as easy as possible:

1. Pick up a magazine and read up on the basics, look at the pictures, maybe even learn what looks are best for your body type. A year's subscription is really inexpensive these days, and it will keep you up to date and on top of the trends.
2. Look for a role model you can emulate. Maybe it's your boss, or a character from your favorite TV show, perhaps even a sports celebrity explaining his recent indiscretions at a press conference. Whomever it is, pick someone and study their look. Pay attention to the details and verbalize why you like their particular style so you can then repeat what you want to your clothing salesperson or tailor.
3. Go to a store and try stuff on. Grab something you may not normally wear and see how it looks on you. You might find something you like.
4. Hire an image consultant. They have already read all the magazines and done the research for you. They aren't as expensive as you might think and they'll save you money by preventing you from buying the wrong stuff.
5. Be conscious of the image you are portraying to other people. How do you want to be perceived by people who don't know you?

If none of that helps, then just come in and ask me. I'll be glad to tell you what you want!