Monday, January 16, 2012

The Midnight Blue Tux

Last night, Hollywood once again proved that the Midnight Blue Tuxedo is one option that should not be over looked by any well dressed man.

While black is the conventional "go to" for most black tie affairs, this very classy, sophisticated tux is a subtle way to set yourself apart from the herd. Such a tux, however, is not just for any man. The man who chooses this option is one who is a bit more of a risk taker, is not afraid to be looked at by beautiful foreign women, and to some degree lives his life in the spirit of James Bond.

You can certainly drop a few Hollywood dollars to purchase this coveted item. Or, you can visit with me at Valentino Tailors to review your options to either rent this featured tux from our vendor Sarno & Sons, or to be fitted for your very own custom tuxedo through our partners at H. Freeman. Either of my options will still leave you with some extra cash to attend a few of your own red carpet events this year!