Thursday, May 31, 2012

Gentleman, Keep Your Collars Up!

Tom Ford with perfectly upstanding collars 

My occasions to wear neck ties are getting fewer and fewer but I like to wear a sport jacket practically every day. For years I struggled with the embarrassment of limp shirt collars that would slide down and hide under my jacket lapel. Sure, I would use plastic collar stays, but it seemed like I was constantly adjusting the collars and they never looked quite as good as Tom Ford's do (see above)...Until one day, a customer, and fellow clothing aficionado, introduced me to the "Wurkin Stiffs Power Stays". This product is so simple and works so well that once you've tried it, it will compel you to share it with others. The idea is simple; just slip the metal collar stays into your collar, then place the small magnet inside the shirt , locking it onto the collar stay. Voila! Your collars stand up firm and crisp! 

Since my first set was given to me, I have decided to continue to pay it forward: I'll give a pair of Power Stays to anyone who orders a set of three custom shirts or one custom suit during the month of June. To make this deal even sweeter, Wurkin Stiffs will donate % of all orders placed in June to the Zero Cancer Campaign. With this incentive, also consider a gift certificate for a custom shirt from Valentino Tailors along with a pair of Wurkin Stiffs for a great Father's Day gift! Check out their facebook page for more details! Everyone wins, just don't forget to remove them before you send your shirts to the cleaners! 

Friday, May 18, 2012

Valentino Tailors
Custom Shirt Event
June 5th- 9th
Have You Booked Your Appointment?

Join us for our custom shirting event during the week of June 5th to take advantage of special discounts on all of your custom shirt purchases, for both men and women. Choose from hundreds of fabrics, collar styles, fits and patterns.  Our custom shirts are made in America by our partners at Mel Gambert. Click here to view their picture gallery, however your options are endless! Contact us via email or by phone to book your appointment. Walk-ins are welcome, however appointments are preferred. 

*Gift Certificates For Custom Shirts Available For Purchase! Makes a GREAT Gift For Father's Day!*

Friday, May 4, 2012

What To Wear For Your Big Day?

Whether you are getting married, going to a prom or attending a special black tie event, you can find your perfect suit or tuxedo at Valentino TailorsThere are a few different options available to our clients. 

In Stock Suits And Tuxedos
For those looking to own, you have a couple of choices. One option is to purchase one of our in-stock tuxedos.  If we don't have your size or preferred style, we can order it for you and tailor to your fit. For this option, you should visit us at least two months before your wear date to ensure availability and leave time for your alterations.  

Custom Suiting
Next, you can choose to have your very own custom tuxedo or suit made. Pick the exact style, fit, fabric, lapel and pants you want for your special day! And, have your own label with your name sewn inside the jacket! Our custom suiting partner is H. Freeman and all garments are made in America. For custom garments, you must allow three months lead time in order to accommodate all steps in the process- from measuring you and confirming your selection, placing your order, producing your garment, and then providing final alterations and finishing touches. Contact us for a custom suiting appointment. 

Tuxedo And Suit Rental
For those looking to rent a suit or tuxedo, you can chose one of the many style options through our partners, Sarno and Sons or Ameritux. During peak prom and wedding season, which is from April through October, we recommend that you begin your selection process with us about 3 months in advance. This lead time ensures that the style you select can be confirmed for availability with the vendor and enables you to notify your wedding party of the chosen style and requirements to provide to our shop for ordering.  The first step should be to look online or in magazines to narrow down to your preferred styles. Next, stop in our shop to complete the necessary paperwork to start your file, look through our fabric swatches and style books, and confirm your selection. For bridal parties that have groomsmen located out of state, we do allow measurements and payment to be taken over the phone. However, it is a requirement that all rental clients are fitted here in our shop before they can take the rental garment.  For bridal parties, all necessary communication pertaining to the rental coordination is up to the groom. Grooms should be aware that they can choose to buy an in-stock or custom tuxedo or suit, and still have a corresponding rental option for their groomsmen.

Visit Or Contact Us!
We look forward to helping you with your garment selection for your special event or big day and providing you with excellent service, vast selection of garment offerings and our expertise in tailoring! Please contact us with any questions. 

Photo Credit:

Special thanks to our friends Kevin and Marcie Daken for sharing these beautiful photos with us from their recent wedding! Kevin is wearing one of our custom suits, and might we say, he is looking GREAT!!  Congratulations Kevin and Marcie!