Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What do Italians know about fashion?

My wife and I had the fortune of traveling to Italy this summer. The sights, smells and sounds were exactly what you might expect of Italy, as were the fashions. As a Tailor, I took notice of  the fitted looks and bold use of color found on many men and women. The Italians seem to follow their own rules when it comes to fashion.  The term the Italians use for their nonchalant careless elegance is called "sprezzatura".  I also noticed that they don't seem to let anything influence their "look". They dress elegantly whether they are riding their scooters to work, walking across cobblestone streets, or just sipping coffee at a bar on a rainy day.   I was able to capture some great candid photos of stylish Italians in action. Below are some of my favorites.  If nothing else, it will serve as a testament for us non-europeans - that dressing with style each day will certainly get you noticed, and maybe even photographed!

the trifecta: pop of color, fitted jacket and scooter!

Car-pooling, Italian Style.

a pop of bright blue...
cool shades and slim lines
more pop of color

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Don't look now...

There's an old saying...If you look around the office (or room) and you can't spot the poorly dressed shlub, then it's probably you.  Most people don't notice the small details that separate the best dressed people from the average (and horribly) dressed guys out there.  Once your eyes are opened, you'll never be the same again.  Sure, this photo depicts two very exaggerated examples, but you get the point, your clothing should compliment your shape, not bury it or make a joke of it.  If you're looking around the room and you've just realized that you need help, don't panic, just call me. We'll get started right away.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Nailing Your Office Style

If you're wondering how to kick up your personal style in the office then look no further, the boys at GQ have put together this 10 step guide to help you put it all together. Check it out, and if you need any help in the clothing department, you know where to find us!

GQ - 10 Step Guide to Nailing Office Style

Thursday, September 1, 2011

USA's Smooth Lawyer Drama "SUITS"

Kudos to USA for this season's hit show "Suits".  Lucky for us it's not another CSI show or reality show about singing contests.  The show is about a couple of hot shot lawyers, who, to the non suit wearing world are known as, yes, you guessed it..."suits".  The nice thing about this show is that the wardrobe people actually dress the characters in some really well fitting clothes.  Check out the details on some of these suits: wide peak lapels, pick stitching, roped shoulders, ticket pockets.  It's nice to see them pay such attention to these details, and it's even nicer to see people(albeit fictional) wearing really nice suits to work, instead of just wearing a suit because it's expected of them.  If you like what you see and want one for yourself, then come on in and we'll build one together!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

An interesting label...

I see a lot of manufacturer labels and some of them just make me laugh... This label claims the garment will automatically provide each purchaser with a custom fit, without any tailoring.

Is it magic, or sorcery, or maybe some new microchip technology embedded deep in side the suit? They must be marketing this garment to a person who doesn't know how it should fit, but is willing to trust haggar's marketing agency to tell them that it fits perfectly just the way it is! Fortunately, the owner of this suit brought it in to us anyway.

For those of you without a magic label, rest assured you can still bring your suit in to us for alterations, we'll be happy to make it fit the way you want!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Our suit featured in a photo shoot!

From time to time we have the great fortune of collaborating on photo-shoots with some other really cool local businesses. We thank The White Dress by the Shore in Clinton for inviting us to participate in this photo shoot featured on! Enjoy these pictures and check out the suit we provided for this vintage garden style wedding party. It was a gray, wool, two button, notch lapel suit by Sartoria Tosi.

Photograph by Carla Ten Eyck

Click this link for the photos:
R0mantic Vintage Style Wedding -

I like the cut of the Tosi suits. They are slim without being too trendy and they look great on just about everybody who puts one on. I liked it so much I had to get one for myself! Here's a pic taken of my wife and I during our engagement photo shoot. Not too shabby... I have a feeling that in twenty years (and thirty pounds from now) I'll be looking back and remarking on how thin I was!

Photograph by Take Aim Photgraphy